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Teamspeak Troubleshooting

Teamspeak Setup

- The most Common fix for Teamspeak issues would be a DNS change.

-To change your DNS settings please go here

Saltychat Installer not working

- If Saltychat installer is not opening correctly do the following:

- (WITH TEAMSPEAK CLOSED) Open File Explorer :

Navigate to (C:Drive > Program Files > Teamspeak 3 Client > [Run "createfileassoc.exe"]

- Right click Saltychat 3.1.2 Installer and hit Open with and choose (Teamspeak Package Installer / Teamspeak Plugin Installer)

- If you do not see either of the options above then select "Choose an app on your PC" and navigate to:

C:Drive > Program Files > Teamspeak 3 Client and select "package_inst.exe"

- If none of the fixes above work please make a ticket.

Teamspeak Join/Leave sounds

- Self > Soundpacks > Sounds Deactivated


- Create a bookmark: Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Go Advanced > Fill out (Bookmark Name, Nickname and Server IP) > Sound Pack > Sounds deactivated > Apply > OK

Addon Issues / Whispers

- How to see Addons (In Teamspeak)

Tools > Options > Addons

- Make sure there is no RED Text saying an Addon failed to Load

(Fix - C:Drive > Program Files > Teamspeak 3 Client > [Run "createfileassoc.exe"])

- Else - Reinstall Teamspeak

- Make sure Saltychat 3.1.2 is installed (It should say "Enabled")

(If disabled simply click on "Disabled")

- Make sure Whispers are not disabled/muted

Tools > Options > Whispers (Use individual settings in contacts, else allow)

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