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Getting Started

How to join Gilded RP


- Steam

- Legal Copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 / Red Dead Online
- Discord

- Teamspeak

- RedM

Discord Setup

- Once you have Discord you must join the Gilded RP Discord server.

- After joining the server please make sure you have read the Rules.

- Navigate to #get-roles and react to the message to receive the @Gilded role.

Teamspeak Setup

- Once Teamspeak is installed you then must get Saltychat 3.1.2

- If you are having trouble with Teamspeak please go here

- Turn off the sound notifications. 

Self > Soundpack > Sounds Deactivated.  


- Setup a Push to Talk key.

Tools > Capture > Capture Device > Push-To-Talk


- Teamspeak IP:

Connect & Play

- Launch RedM (You may be asked to Authorize RedM with Discord)

- Navigate to the server list and search for "Gilded RP".

- Connect & Play!

- If you cannot find the server or join. Please hit F8 and type



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