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Keybinds & Commands


- DOUBLE CLICK to use items in inventory.

- Right click money in inventory to give or drop it.

- Right click ammo in top left of inventory to give or drop it.

- "T" opens your chat console.

- "/rc" reloads your character

- F6 - Emote wheel, scenarios, hide hud, clear chat. tons in here

- "B" - opens inventory

- "Z" Ragdoll

- "X" Hands up

- "L" Point

- "U" Interact with chairs/benches. also /starti /stopi

- "H" Whistle for horse

- Left ALT - pickup from bar, show ID

- Left [ - Crawl

- /fix_guarma now fixes the water and weirdness if you crash or wakeup there!

- /clear clears the chat window

- /hud

- "J" - Change voice range - Set push to talk in teamspeak!

- /scene and /scene:place

- "/walkSlow" to .... walk slow

- "/walkanim" is another way to change walk style, F6 is better

- "/stopi" - Stops interaction

- "/starti" - Starts interaction if available

- /delbuild

- /movebuild

- /sharebuild

- /delsharebuild

- /camp_manage

- /scenarios

Phrases to Use to Keep Immersion

- Headache = experiencing lag or sudden crash.

- Take a nap = logging out with intention of coming back

- Go to sleep/bed = logging out with intention to not come back. 

- Wash your face = reload your skin.

- Something in your ear = Teamspeak hearing issue.

- Something in your throat = Teamspeak voice issue.

- Storm is coming = server restart

- Government newspaper = discord (please use sparingly, as we prefer IC communication)

- Send in some paperwork, complete some official forms = Make a ticket

- Send a Bird/Birdy = bird telegram using name to sender

Send telegram = regular telegram using player telegram number

- The County = Gilded Server

- Fresh off the Boat/Train = New to the server

- Long line for the boat/train" = The login queue was big/took a while

- Memory/ capture a memory = take a picture/ screenshot or pose for a picture

- Think = press t, then /, then type command

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