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Gilded Roleplay Rulebook

General Rules 

Our ruleset is intended to be clear while encouraging roleplay between players. If you suspect a rule to have been broken mid-scene, wait until the scene concludes then open a ticket.


Staff is dedicated to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone within the community.


- Roleplay over Gunplay.


- Roleplay over Rules.


- Characters must be 18+, Players must be 18+.


- Character Names must be realistic for the time period. Names are forbidden from being Historical Character names, Famous Names, Television Character names, or names relating to Meme Culture. 


You must be in character on the server at all times. Roleplay through the encounters in front of you. If there is a rule break report it AFTER the scenario has completed. (This does not pertain to major rule breaks like hacking, racism, sexual abuse, or major harassment).


- If you intend to engage in hostile RP (eg. robbing) it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you record using Medal or some other platform in case your scene becomes involved in a ticket with a rule break in question.


Discord Rules

- Abide by the Discord TOS:


- BE KIND to staff and to each other in Discord and in Tickets.


- Change your Discord name to have your Character’s First and Last name.


- Don't DM staff to report issues, please make a ticket.


- Don't talk negatively about other servers and players.


- No NSFW content (Not Safe For Work).


- Players may disagree with staff, but MUST respect decisions when they are made and conduct conversation in a manner that shows respect.


Zero Tolerance Rules 

- No coordinating IC events OOC. This can all be done IC. ANYTHING that would persuade your actions IC, including where you go, who you meet up with, what you are preparing to do is META.


- Suicide RP, including any threats or harassing comments in the discord is not allowed.

- No Hate speech of any kind.

- No racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/rape.

- No use of N or R words, among others.


Communication Standards


-We are an English-speaking server, you must be able to speak English to play here.

- Saying words/phrases in a different language for RP effect is acceptable, but if someone asks you what you were saying, please repeat the word/phrase in English.


- In order to use a Voice Changer you must make a ticket and pass a voice interview using the voice changer you want to use.


- Our primary method of communication is voice. If you want to play someone without a voice, please make a ticket to obtain approval, and access to rp supplements in game.


Voice ID

- If someone is wearing a face covering you must identify that person by means other than their voice. A variety of things can lead to a positive ID, such as their clothes, their buckle, their guns, their horse/wagon, or even their vocal mannerisms and motivations or similar, repeated actions, creating a pattern.


- Consider people playing multiple characters as well. If someone is unmasked and insisting they are not who you say they are, you need to respect that and move on.


- Not everyone can change their voice and would still like to play multiple characters. Keep this in mind when you run across someone that sounds familiar but has a different name! Respect their choice to RP someone else even if it is the same voice.


Submitting a Ticket


Upon review of tickets, staff will take into consideration all accounts and weigh the effect it has on future roleplay. All conclusions are at staff's discretion. 


- If you need to leave a scene early for any reason, create a ticket to inform staff after leaving. This includes your game crashing, or for any IRL reason.


- Do not stop a scene to make a ticket. Try to resolve the situation in character, and make a ticket afterwards if a rule is violated. If possible, resolve the conflict in character.


- To Submit a Ticket, find the section listed “Tickets” and use the “Open Ticket” Option. Select a ticket option that closely relates to your situation and Staff will assist as soon as possible.


- If making an anonymous player report, a bug report, or an exploit report, please have clips at the ready alongside your message, in order to address things promptly.


Player Equipment

- Players are expected to not carry weapons beyond their means. Carry only what you can logically equip on your weapon wheel and leave the extras at home or in storage.

- Equipping a weapon from your pockets, aside from when just waking up, should be done in a logical place, such as near a storage, a horse, or a weapon case.

- If a thief takes weapons, thus putting them over the carry limit, they are expected to seek a drop point for the items stolen as soon as possible, or disperse the weapons amongst their crew to fix carry limit breaks.

Role Play Terms & Definitions


- No harassing other players; sexual or otherwise. Anything that leads to repeat aggressive pressure or borders on intimidation on an OOC level is against the server rules. This does not mean you can avoid RP conflicts or IC consequences, but if you have tried meaningful IC resolutions and still believe you are being harassed, open a ticket and staff can help advise or mediate.

- If a ticket is shown to have been opened with malicious intent towards another party and no rule breaks are found, this will be regarded as a notable offense by staff, at their discretion.


RP Bleed 

RP Bleed is defined as taking issues, disagreements, or problems from inside RP to the Outside World, or from the Outside World into RP.

We are not here to police your personal relationships. While we will obviously remove anyone who does not align with our goals to create a healthy, safe community, we are not interested in mediating personal disagreements between players. Do not let IC interactions impact OOC relationships. 

Fail RP

FailRP is defined as doing something unrealistic or rule breaking. Examples include but are not limited to:


- Shooting limbs off a downed player. 

- Killing NPCs without reason or engagement to justify retaliation.

- Shit talking downed bodies excessively. One or two lines, perhaps. Never more.

- Using a friend or gang member as a hostage.

- Breaking out of Sisika without Staff Approval via Ticket.

- Supernatural RP. Although this exists through rumors around 1901, situations of this nature are often disproven or explained away through illnesses, mental states, and so on.


Metagaming is defined as using information in the game that you have not learned by playing that character, for the benefit of yourself, your character, or others in your group.


- Only use information that your character has learned while playing on the server.


- You may have streams up while playing, but they must be muted. You cannot use any information from another stream, EVER. 


- Discord messages are only usable if someone has “slipped something in your pocket” in RP such as a picture or note that they could not realistically give you in the game itself.


-When engaged in an ongoing conflict between two parties, if you have characters on both sides, you must choose which side to RP on until the conflict is resolved. This will help prevent metagaming.



The use of in-game exploits to gain advantages over other players or to give your character advantages is strictly prohibited.


- Exploiting bugs or any other cheat will result in you being banned from the server.

- If you find a bug or something that is considered an exploit, bring it to the staff's attention immediately. Not reporting this is grounds for a ban.



Powergaming is defined as the act of always having to win through any means or at any cost. Powergaming includes, but is not limited to:


- Putting a camp storage or chest right next to where you are mining or farming can be powergaming if you “teleport” goods by moving your camp and skipping the use of a wagon.


- Dismissing your cart or horse to keep its inventory from getting robbed is powergaming.


- Whistling for your horse that someone stole from you to bring it back is powergaming.


- Robbing or shooting someone in any kind of menu.

- Getting on a horse while handcuffed and riding off is powergaming.


- Using macros to fish, mine, craft, or anything else while AFK, or even while IC is powergaming. Do not do this. 


- Being AFK in an open area or on an interactable object is powergaming. If you need to leave to do something OOC, log out, or find a secure, out of the way hiding spot and return as soon as possible.


- Tackling/pushing/roping a player who has a gun pointed at you is powergaming. You would realistically be shot in the head!


Hostile Roleplay Rules


No Random Death Matches (RDM) - No attacking or engaging in combat with another player without verbal RP interaction or being initiated into combat first, this includes with vehicles or drive-by's. You must give sufficient RP and counter play before shooting.

- Seeing your close friends or family being robbed or attacked is enough reason to open fire to try and save their life, subverting the need for Verbal Initiation in these edge cases.


- There are numerous mechanics that "teleport" you to another location (Eg. Guarma Boat, Casino Boat, Apartments, and some Businesses).

Holding someone up or immediately attacking someone out of one of these exits is strictly prohibited. Allow any party exiting the ability for counterplay (to gain cover or re-enter/exit the building).

- Saint Denis and Blackwater have fully manned law offices whether you see a single player there or not.

- Do NOT rob or take hostage any player(s) that are just spawning in. Give them ample time to wake up, equip their items, and walk about as their character before engaging in hostile RP with them.


- Groups can roam around looking for trouble, or intent to attack a target, with 6 people. If you roam with masks on, you are considered “looking for trouble”. 


- Sheriffs, Lawmen, Rangers, and Marshals can defend towns with up to 12 players. They cannot chase or respond to a robbery of any kind with more than 6.

- When serving a warrant and attempting to arrest a suspect, law can ride with 12 law members.


- You may plan an ambush, but must not have over 6 people in total. That includes people from the original scene.


- Locals are not considered a valid hostage for negotiations.

- You cannot hold someone hostage for longer than 20 minutes before starting the robbery you have planned.

Green Zones

You can’t commit crimes at the doctor or law office. This includes but is not limited to kidnapping, robbing or assaulting (with weapons). In addition, camping the exits of these zones or purposefully fleeing or hiding in these zones to avoid active conflict is also strictly prohibited.



You can't break free from a hogtie unless loosened or left for 5 minutes alone and unattended. People can break out of everything else but a hogtie. Do not ragdoll or lie down to get out of ropes.


Criminal Activity / Robberies

- You cannot commit any crime that involves a Law Alert 30 minutes before or 15 minutes after restart. Law alerts are crimes such as; grave robbing, banks, drug sales, fort robbery, law training, etc. You are still able to rob people within those 15 minutes.

- For any criminal activity, only 1 Lawman may be subjected to becoming a hostage.


- You cannot rob and kill. Pick one or the other! This includes robbing horses or wagons.

- If a player fails to Value Their Life during a robbery because of robbery rules, their protection against being shot/killed may be revoked. Staff will discern through tickets after the fact.


- The act of searching someone’s pockets means you have chosen to rob them. Only exception is to obtain the victim’s ID Card, and only their ID Card.


- Player Robberies (Active Train Conductors Excluded) are not to be done as your main source of income. In order to rob someone, you must have a legitimate reason to do so. The goal of robberies should be to create a story for all involved, not just for the sake of robbing.


- You can only take a half of each item stack in someone's inventory. Single items can be taken. 

- During a robbery, any player wearing 2 weapons in the long arms slots on their back can only have 1 long arm class weapon taken. Players of any type roaming with only 1 weapon in the long arm slots on their back are unable to have their single longarm class weapon taken from them.


- During a robbery of any kind, there may only be ONE individual within the Criminal Group to check through pockets. This is to prevent taking more than half a stack or double robbing a victim. Designate the individual that looks through people’s pockets beforehand. There shouldn’t be multiple people looking through a victim’s pockets.


- Backpacks and handbags can be taken, including everything inside

- Do not take property, doctor, train or law keys.

- You cannot take custom items (Eg. custom recipe books).


- You can only take weapons that are visible on the player’s body.

- Conceal carried M1899 and Snub-nosed Schofield are robbable at any time. Converse with victim to learn if their Schofield is snub-nosed or not.


- You cannot chain rob players over and over. Robberies should include rp for both sides. Repeated, low tier robberies within 1 hour of each other will be considered chain robbing.


-You (or your gang) can rob a bank 7 times a week, 1/day.

-You (or your gang) can rob a fort 7 times a week, 1/day.

-You (or your gang) can rob a store 2 times per day, with a 2 hour cooldown.


- After a crime has been committed, you can change your clothes one time within 1 hour of said crime.


NVL / Fear RP

NVL or “No Value for Life” and Fear RP are defined as showing fear for your life in threatening situations. Treat your character’s life as if they only have one. Your character would not be fearless because you can “respawn”. Failure to value your life can result in harm to your character, so act as your character would in any and all fear inducing events.


- Value your life and the lives of those your character would value (Law with innocents/hostages, your friends and acquaintances etc).


- In 1v1 and 1v2 situations, the victim is allowed to defend themselves reasonably if they see an opening. Record your gameplay!


- This does not allow firing without verbal interaction and an initial compliance and acknowledgement to the scene.


- Victims must wait 1 hour after a scene ends, before seeking interaction or revenge of any sort on their aggressors.


Vigilantism is defined as entering a hostile situation to help or save someone in trouble, while not being lawfully permitted to do so.


- Do not get involved in a store, bank or fort robbery if you are not a part of the active law or criminal group involved from the start. 


- Helping someone in the wild is doable, but comes with risk. 


Body Dumping

- Do not double drop bodies, eg. dropping a body and pretending to leave hoping they call a doc then you go move them again. This is power gaming. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are forced to drop a body in an unintended location, that still counts as your drop if you step away from that body, as they assume it’s safe to call a doctor.


- You cannot camp a body waiting for a doctor to show up.

- Body Camping is the act of staying near a body in order to keep them forcefully locked in a scene and unable to call a doctor or revive after their timer is up. Do not leave and come back, either. Once you're gone out of sight of the body from the downed players perspective, they have the right to respawn, or call a doctor.


- If you are dumped in a location where you could not realistically ever be found, do not call a doctor. (Eg. Deep water, Off a Cliff, or Distant Wilds away from Civilization.)


- You can only water dump a body 1 time per 48 hours.

Permanent Harm in Torture RP

You must get consent from the party you plan to torture & cause permanent physical harm to. Please get consent using /do. If you torture someone this way, you are automatically consenting to be tortured in the future by that same person, not everyone.

- Psychological torture and temporary harm (ie. beatings) are not included in this.
- The person being tortured gets to pick their wounds.
- Example: “/do Clarence holds his knife to Jim’s eye, clearly wanting to cut it out, just waiting for the right moment.”
In this example Clarence would need to wait for a sign from Jim to move forward.
- Without a /do in return torture cannot proceed.




- Corruption within the DA and Marshals office is not allowed.


- Being a corrupt law player of any kind requires whitelist approval in a ticket.


- Approval for corruption does not allow stealing from Law or Doctor Storages, or their business ledgers.


NLR (New Life Rule)

- If you have to take a local doctor (respawning / pressing E) , then your memory of the situations that led to the events of your demise are wiped.


- If a player brings you to a NPC nurse, or a player doctor revives you then nothing is forgotten unless you choose to forget.


- Someone at the scene where you were knocked unconscious can refresh your memory of what happened as long as they were never unconscious themselves.


- Do not take a local doctor (pressing E) if there are people right around you or roleplay is still ongoing at the scene you are in.



- Baiting lawmen or doctors is strictly prohibited. 

- If all done through RP, it is not considered baiting.

- Do not kill yourself or others to bait doctors.


Combat Logging

- Logging off in the middle of any scene is not allowed.


- If a scene is making you uncomfortable or is breaking a zero tolerance rule, make a ticket straight away without breaking RP and talk with us ASAP.


- Players must stay logged in for at least 15 minutes after participating in any conflict RP. If you log out before, it will count as a combat log.


Alternate Characters

When playing a law or criminal character, there is a cooldown between play sessions of alternate characters of 1 hour.

- You cannot play as a Lawman, then log off and switch to your criminal without waiting 1hr.

- You cannot play a Criminal, then log off and switch to a law character without waiting 1 hr.

- If you are logging off to play a Civilian character, this cooldown does not apply.

- Players that have characters within the Marshals office, Rangers office or that hold the position of Sheriff are not allowed to have an alternate character within any gang. These are meant to be main character roles and should be treated as such.
- Alternate law/criminal characters cannot be high command of either organization, unless approved by Staff.

- Eg. No Law as a Sheriff/USMO/Ranger if you have a Criminal as a leader/head of a Criminal Group.

- Alternate law/criminal characters cannot operate in the same region as one another.

- Eg. You can't have a criminal committing crimes in SD and a Law alt in the Saint Denis Police.


- Do not make alternate or additional characters to further the RP or storyline of your other characters. Allow storylines to happen organically and gradually. 

Medical Rules


Medical RP

- You are expected to RP your injuries and wounds realistically. 


- Use of alerts (eg. “/alertdoctor”) to call docs, private practice, or law to a scene is strictly prohibited. Do not use any alert commands while a scene is still active.


-  After using a doctor or private practice alert and seeing “A Doctor is on the Way”, give a doctor 15 minutes to try and get to you before respawning.


- Once you have been found, you can make noises that are consistent with your injuries. You cannot talk. You cannot use noises or moaning to signal your location to others.


- Do not talk using your microphone while down, you still need to respond and give doctors clues using text.


- Use /do to communicate with doctors. If you cannot see the /do commands, use the T Chatbox, or have the doctor stabilize you, and continue medical RP through voice.


- Typing “no pulse” or “dead” means you are permanently killing off your character. You must delete your character when you do this or we will do it for you.


- You are not allowed to lie about treatment you received from a doctor when being inspected by other doctors.


- Contracting a disease like TB, Pneumonia or other diseases that would result in death in 1901, will result in a perma-death of your character within a timeframe of your choosing. You get to choose if you contract these or not, so be careful.


- Players that are down for a period exceeding 30 minutes within an active scene where doctors, law or other medical practitioners are on scene and not reviving you or providing full medical treatment are allowed to revive. All usual New Life Rules still apply.


Injury Guidelines

As a helpful guide to assist with Role Playing injuries to varying magnitudes, we have provided the following table for day/time conversions between IRL and Server Days.


Time/Day Converter for County Days

1 Day IC = 48 Minutes IRL

1 Week IC = 5 hours, 36 minutes IRL

2 Weeks IC = 11 hours, 12 minutes IRL

4 Weeks IC = 22 hours, 24 minutes IRL


Outlaw Doctors

- Outlaw doctors cannot rob anything but cash from a player they provide treatment to, are in a medical scene with, or revive. This is how outlaw doctors get paid.


- When reviving or treating a patient, taking cash is allowed even within the robbing cooldown by an outlaw doctor only.


- Private Practices and CMO are not Outlaw Doctors and are prohibited from acting as one.


Pregnancy RP and Aging

Players interested in Roleplaying a Pregnancy must abide by the following guidelines:

- Pregnancy has a minimum duration of 3 Weeks. Do not roleplay pregnancy loss. 

- After 3 weeks of Pregnancy RP, the child cannot be played by another player until an additional 3 week period has passed to reflect the child becoming 18. These 6 Weeks total are referred to as a Complete Cycle of Pregnancy RP.

- After a Complete Cycle of Pregnancy RP, the player must wait an additional 2 week period before a new cycle of Pregnancy RP may commence.

- Parents can never play as their own children, unless both parents have died. Another Player may play the child, once the child is 18 years of age.


Upon the child becoming playable, the parents (and any elder children in the immediate family) agree to age themselves up to reflect the age of the child. This means the first child will result in an 18 year increase to the parents, and any further children result in however many additional years between the most recent child, and the newborn.


- If you have your baby with you, either in the womb, or on your person, no crimes should be committed by you. This is considered NVL.

- Pregnancy is not a shield; you can still be shot/knocked unconscious, but the child cannot be targeted or lost as a result.

- A woman with a baby can be robbed, but harming the child in any way is a permanent server ban.

- Child murder/torture, or even threats of such, are never allowed even when still in the womb.


Gang Rules



Make your gang known to the staff if you want gang privileges. You are limited to 12 people on the roster that you can pull from for active gang activities.


- Report the members of your gang, with their names, and your base, through a ticket.

- Gangs can have more than 12 people, but you must create a ticket to get staff approval for this.


- Gangs get access to 1 gang themed drug after whitelist approval, and 3-4 months of solid RP. Include a proposal for your gang drug in your gang whitelist ticket for future reference.


- Gangs can defend their homebase with any number up to a maximum of 12, any reservists must remain non-combatants. 


- 12 v 12 is allowed only when a ticket with staff is made and approved with both party leaders law vs gang or gang vs gang and staff.


Gang Strikes

Every gang is limited to 3 active gang strikes. After receiving 3 gang strikes, a gang will lose all gang privileges, such as:

- Their main hideout that they chose to defend with 12 players. 

- They lose any and all access to their chosen whitelisted drug. 

- Custom gang discord tag revoked.


- To receive a gang strike a minimum of 3 members of the gang/group must have been involved in a scene with anyone in their gang committing a rule break. A single strike falls off after 30 days of no additional Gang Strikes issued.


- If the player with the active strike is permanently removed from the gang, the strike no longer counts for the gang, but does follow the character.


- More than 5 total accumulated strikes = dissolvement of gang.



Duels with “Cork/Wax” Rounds are allowed as long as both players ensure to use the /do command, stating they player “loads wax rounds” and each duelist only fires a single round.


- If a player is downed during a "wax round" duel, it is Role Played as a real bullet and the duelist who shot more than ONE time is at fault. If a player is downed in a wax round duel with a single headshot, then well...they got owned huh?


- If two players want to duel, they are able to wager something other than their character's lives if they wish. The duelists must agree to a wager, stakes, or some form "If I win this, if you win that".  Wagers can be almost anything, such as an expensive gun or horse, a property, or a business.


As long as these stakes/wagers do not violate our current rules, and make sense story-wise, then anything goes. These agreements will be enforced OOC and breaking them will constitute a serious rule break. Additionally, the attempted murder charge will not be given to the winner of the duel. If an agreement is broken, a ticket needs to be opened by the duelist offended with all proper evidence in place. A record of the agreement, and the duel proving victory. So, record your duels!


- The loser of the duel must then seek medical treatment for their injuries. This medical RP is mandatory of all duels and requires RP with an actual human, not taking the local doctor.


How to Duel

Dueling is done with the command /duel2, no other form of dueling will be recognized and endorsed by staff as this script is by far the most fair way to duel that currently exists. 


When a challenge of a duel is first issued, it is very very likely the script will bug out. Don't panic, the fix is very simple. 

- The duelist who did not draw their weapon and enter the "dueling stance" when the duel begins, must issue the next challenge using the command /duel2 and everything should work fine. 


Whether a duel is an extremely serious matter, or a drunken bet amongst friends, a life or death situation or simply a chance to show off. We ask that the members of our community who participate in this new tradition, do so with good sportsmanship.

All duelists must remove facial covering before a duel commences, it is recommended that hats and eyeglasses/goggles also be removed however this decision is left to the duelists themselves. But, any masks or bandanas must be removed before a duel starts in order to be recognized as legitimate.

Miscellaneous Rules

Law & Politics


- In all regions, players cannot hold both a position in law/army and a government position.

Sisika Roleplay

- Do not break into Sisika to sell fish, do jobs or anything of the sort. This is a maximum security institution and unannounced visitors will be shot on sight.


- Smuggling only to happen at night, into the secret Dead Drop location.

- Only items and item parts can be smuggled into prison, no weapons or firearms.
- Prisoner Chests and storages that are not Warden Controlled will be searched at any time.
- Chests and Storages hidden around Sisika will be destroyed, no questions asked.

Prison Breaks

- Prison breaks remain only approved via ticket.
- Only a maximum of 2 prisoners can break out at a time.
- Breakouts must be backed by at least 3 weeks of prep and planning that will be reviewed for story validity by Staff in their breakout ticket.

Businesses and Homes

- Staff reserves the right to remove your business due to inactivity. Make a ticket if you are on an extended trip, or concerned regarding business repossession.


- If the business is inactive, or players have not logged in for a period of 3 weeks (21 days), staff will repossess your business, UNLESS you have submitted a ticket to explain your situation to staff regarding an extended absence.


- Employees, and Criminals, cannot steal from business storages or ledgers.

- If someone has you hogtied and wants your “key” to your built door, you must open the door for them. 


- Players are limited to One Business and One Home per character. You may not own multiple homes/businesses and have managers run them.


- Multiple businesses may be owned by a family or a group, each with their own unique owners per business.


Building / Camp Rules

- Your builds using carpenter and blacksmith items need to fit into the natural red dead game world. No giant fences surrounding properties. Make your builds look like they belong in red dead or they will be removed.

- You are allowed one camp per person.

- Tents and camp sites should represent actual camp sites. No walls or Doors or other excessive extras should be added to a camp.


- No more than 4 storage items per camp/area.

- A camp may consist of up to 4 tents in one area, maximum.

- You can only place builds on property you own or have claimed as a camp.

- Avoid building in any town, clear it with staff via a ticket first.

- You cannot block public pathways, roads, or access to any area you do not own.

- Do not place more than 10 light emitting items on the map, or 10 within a given area, also.


- Any unauthorized player builds will be removed without warning. 


- Camps and Storages will be removed by the Housing Authorities without warning if left unused/inactive for 3 weeks.



- You must use a realistic looking appearance. 


- Do not add scars in the makeup menu unless you actually RPd the injuries and events. 

- You may start with a scar in character creation, but don't make changes after the initial scar unless they actually happened through RP.


- Do not change your hair and appearance drastically more than once per 24 hour period.


/Scene (Command)

This command is to enhance scenes or provide RP to people that come into a location where something may have happened they cannot visually see. If needed, Staff will restrict this down. Please use it responsibly so we don't have to remove it.


- Do not advertise with these, use notes and custom flyers for that!


- Do not use bright flashy text colors or background colors.


- Keep the word count as low as possible! 

Erotic Roleplay and Consent

You must get consent from the party you plan to interact with for the purpose of Erotic Roleplay. Please get consent using /do before engaging in ERP of any sort. Please use the following guidelines when engaging in mature scenes:
- ERP should be done in private places only.
- Zero Tolerance for ERP in public. If forced upon a person, or as a way to goof off with friends for a few cheap laughs. Will be considered a FailRP rule break, resulting in an immediate 7 day ban or more.
- /do [player1] looks into [player2]'s eyes as if asking for consent to go further.
- /do [player2] nods and gives [player1] a kiss, consenting to more and letting [player1] lead
- /do [player1] asks for consent to ERP
- /do [player2] consents

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