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Frequently Asked Question

  • What VOIP does Gilded use?
    Gilded Roleplay uses the Teamspeak plugin Saltychat (3.1.2) for communication.
  • I'm in the discord, but can't connect.
    If you are in the discord but can not connect please check the following. - Make sure you have the @Gilded role from #get-roles - If you have the role please restart your game and Discord. - If you are still having issues please make a ticket for staff to assist you.
  • Can I play this on console?
    No, This server can only be played on PC via RedM.
  • Can I be a Lawmen / Doctor?
    Yes! You can become a Lawmen or Doctor. This would be done through IC interactions with the proper heads of each of these jobs.
  • How can I join Gilded RP?
    To join Gilded please refer to our Getting Started Guide.
  • Why can I hear people that are not near me?
    Gilded RP uses Teamspeak for voice chat. This means that you need to disable in-game voice chat. While in the server: Esc > Settings > Audio > Voice Chat Enabled: OFF
  • How do I get a custom Recipe / Item?
    Gilded offers many custom items for our Patreon supporters. If you wish to become a Patron you can find our page here.
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