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Lawmen Behavior

Defining Lawman Behavior

Lawman, who are NOT approved for corruption, are entitled to behave unkindly, and roughly. We are redefining what the basic lawman is allowed to do. They are allowed to be mean (when the behavior is warranted or a part of their usual character traits). A lawman who insults another lawman, criminal, or ordinary citizen, is not considered corrupt. This is 1901 law life we are trying to portray. They are allowed to use reasonable physical force, such as hitting or pistol whipping, when a person in their scene is being unreasonably aggressive (even vocally), or is simply non-compliant. This includes, before, during, and after an arrest. Scenes that involve the additional use of physical contact should be an RP enhancement to the existing verbal component of a scene. The level of force used should be believable, logical and not exceed the level of aggression or non-compliance of the other party. Importantly, it also should never be with excessive force including, but not limited to, an intent to permanently injure or render them unconscious. You are allowed to defend yourself in these scenarios, but are subject to being arrested, if not already. Use of weapons from the arrested party are not allowed in the law office. This means pistol whipping is allowed by the law in public or in the law office, but the arrested party can only pistol whip when not already in the law office, and may defend only with hitting when in the law office . Strangling is never permitted from either party. The law office green zone rule still applies, except minor force such as this is allowed. In the law office, arrested parties are not allowed to initiate the violence, only defend.

These behaviors are NOT rulebreaks and are NOT defined as corruption, and should not be reported as such.


Law Corruption Requires Approval Via a Ticket To Staff

Law corruption behaviors include:

- Giving confidential or criminal information to criminals

- Extorting criminals or other people

- Producing and/or selling illegal drugs or items

- More severe treatment of people, including excessive beating which may or may not result in unconsciousness

-Being on a payroll of a gang

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