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It Just Makes Sense

About Gilded

Gilded Roleplay is a growing RedM Community with over 5000+ members. We are here to bring high quality, serious roleplay, with a broad and diverse range of features to support players in their stories. Some features include: Politics, Department of Justice, Sisika Guards and Lifers, custom businesses, and Custom Building.

We are constantly updating our server and adding new features to enhance experiences for all players. Our lead developer, inepsaOG, is open to suggestions, and implements suggestions from the community often. The staff are attentive and responsive, and are active players and members of the community.


You will find a plethora of features and variety of jobs and businesses for characters. Gilded has a wide range of features for criminal RP. We guarantee there is something for you here. It just makes sense.

Support Gilded

Donating to the server is not required but is greatly appreciated. We use these to cover server cost and invest in new scripts for the community. You can support the server through our Patreon page.

Gilded Creators

Gilded Roleplay is tracked by HasRoot. Here you can find many of our creators when they are streaming live on the server.

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